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 At Mackson, talented professionals find an unmatched opportunity to become their absolute best and to do exceptional work with experienced colleagues in a firm dedicated to optimize customer satisfaction.

The diverse talents and unique perspectives of our Mackson employees enables us to help our clients by solving their toughest problems and delivering results that endure.

If you are interested in a career with Mackson please visit A-TEK’s recruiting portal: A-TEK’S RECRUITING PORTAL.
Enjoy a dynamic and diverse work environment among innovators!
  • Mackson Consulting is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all job seekers.
  • We understand the skills required to do the job.
  • We compare the skills of our staff against current and future customer requirements.
  • We determine the appropriate scope and content of training.
  • We target training to meet the needs of specific groups of employees.
  • We develop strategic training plans.

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