Data Management

Mackson offers a variety of data management services to answer the rapidly evolving demand for reliable, cost effective data access, and views from both internal and outside data sources. Our firm provides comprehensive solutions that present data in a meaningful way for the business owners, while allowing security and protection for personally identifiable information that meets customer security guidelines. Our solutions include data standardization, normalization, integration, and warehousing that supports our rapidly evolving marketplace.
Services we provide include:
  • Data storage, centralization, and consolidation – We provide data storage and centralization and give our users the ability to stream and download files provided by network users. The concept of centralized data management opens a variety of possibilities which are essential for any company in today’s competitive and demanding market. Depending on the size of your company and its individual circumstances, Mackson will determine the best centralization solution for your operations.
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) – The ability to make data accessible to authorized users in order to meet the needs of organizations requires the power to transform them into usable formats. Whether you’re required to process company data from an external source, make data available to users, or disseminate various levels of mapping data, we can assist your firm. Our ETL approach allows you to apply a standard format to all of your data within a uniform environment.
  • Technology Solutions – Capturing metadata on all your information assets, making it available to users via web-based and mobile tools, makes it far easier to manage, search, order, and distribute quality information assets on a global basis
  • GIS –Utilize location based source data points to create surveillance and heat maps to be used in a variety of mission critical iniatives.