Enterprise Architecture

Our Enterprise Architecture design focuses on optimization of your existing infrastructure investments and bringing forward technology recommendations that will empower your business now and in the future. Many organizations are handicapped by systems that were not well thought out or that have evolved into a mismatched collection of hardware and software. Your Enterprise Architecture should provide a clear blueprint for today’s operations and tomorrow’s growth.

Mackson’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) team starts from a baseline of proven industry standard solutions allowing for quick and cost effective solutions that will optimize your business. At the base of this methodology involves an in-depth understanding of your current business needs and your future direction based on your employees, your customers, and the ways in which technology adoption continues to evolve. We work closely with your staff to develop the architecture that aligns your technology with how you do business. Our approach will reduce operations and maintenance costs, reduce risk, empower workers, and allow for business optimization.

Mackson’s solutions don’t just optimize your IT for today’s challenges, they provide a foundation for growth. As the business evolves, your Enterprise Architecture won’t just tolerate change, it will empower it.

Our service will provide:
  • Assessment and recommendations
  • Detailed system design
  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Implementation services
  • Best practices training and guidance (Kanban, ITIL, CMMI)
  • O & M support (network, database, security)