Mackson’s Mobile Investigation Platform (MIP)

The MIP platform combines mobile data collection and Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities to improve operational effectiveness of mission critical initiatives. The platform leverages detailed, location specific data to support enterprise level analysis, situational awareness and decision support. Agency uses for the platform include: Investigations; Fraud Management; Public health monitoring and outreach; Inspection planning and execution; Emergency Services.

The MIP platform supports investigations, inspections, threat tracking and monitoring of our nation’s critical assets to optimize operational performance across our key programs. This case management platform supports: Workforce and Assignment Management; Rational Questionnaires; Content Management, including Files, Photos, Documents; Mapping, including surveillance heat maps and location based observations; Diagraming; Reporting; Surveillance/monitoring; Predictive analytics.

  • Ability to use mobile devices for all major components of the investigative process whether in a connected or disconnected state
  • Ability to have dynamic mobile forms for data input and synchronization among multiple users
  • Ability to capture photos and electronic documents
  • Improved data quality to support program across the enterprise for analysis and surveillance
  • Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months)
  • Ability to download and view background information about a Firm, its facilities, location information, and its history of inspections, etc.
  • Ability to collect/capture geospatial information (e.g., latitude, longitude) and add observation details to a map while in disconnected state
  • Ability to sync and upload to Agency source data systems
Mobile, GIS Based Data Collection, Analysis and Decision Support Platform

Federal agencies can dramatically improve operational efficiency by developing a modern mobile toolset that operates in a connected and disconnected state. Cumbersome paper-based, processes that employees currently rely on in the field can be eliminated. The data collection process can be streamlined to reduce errors and improve accuracy all while integrated to government enterprise legacy systems Mackson’s expertise in middleware development, data security and management, and leading edge mobile technologies position us to bring the business to the field. Our Agile development approach includes end user and business stakeholder involvement throughout the development process which results in high performing software that maps to the way people work most effectively. By extending data to the point of interaction and combining it with powerful mobile tools, agencies have increased the accuracy and efficiency of the data they collect while reducing the time and cost to collect it.

Mobile Applicability and Predictive Analytics

Move beyond wishful thinking analytics that rely on lagging updates to core systems. Mobile devices and their ability to capture real time data puts information into an Agency’s hands faster. Real time data collection allows Agencies to rapidly detect, respond and contain incidents/outbreaks. Developing mobile applications that are FISMA compliant, including digital signatures for authentication, provides for chain of custody and allows stakeholders to develop alerts and predictive parameters.

MIP Platform

Occasionally connected app provides full functionality while disconnected

  • Windows 8.1 and 10 Store App “Modern” client (out of the box)
  • Customizable Clients to support multiple platforms
  • REST web services for updates and synchronization
  • Supports Oracle and MS Sql server
  • Line of Business UI optimized for data collection
  • Data driven questionnaires are easily revised without updating the application
  • PIV authentication for logging, auditing and digital signatures satisfy chain of custody requirements
  • ESRI.NET SDK for viewing and capturing GIS data
  • C# and .Net
Platform Benefits
  • Capture and record more complete and accurate location information for each entity, maintain accurate provider/firm location information
  • All necessary inspection information (reference, history and forms) is in one place. Eliminates the need for paper or other external references in the field.
  • Eliminate the need for a paper-based system and duplicate data entry (paper-based and keyed into the system) reducing workload and improving data integrity
  • Results in structured, highly queryable data that supports metrics, analysis, compliance and enforcement
  • Provides modern client and touch screen for true “mobile app” usability
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