Enterprise Mobile Apps

Mackson transforms your business processes and customer communications with dynamic, integrated mobile applications tailored to your unique enterprise structure and needs. Our team has expertise in Mobile Application Development and has successfully designed and developed both native (Windows, iOS) and multi-platform applications in both the federal and commercial marketplace.

Mackson specializes in mobile productivity applications tailored to your business that gives you the power to enhance your business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-enterprise (B2E) processes with custom developed mobile apps. Each of our solutions draws upon lessons learned from customer engagements, understanding of and reach back to the major mobile device providers, and the deep subject matter expertise that resides within Mackson.

Mackson also partners with clients to implement mobile application development practices within their agencies. We help implement standardized processes, common tools, and a shared registry of reusable artifacts to accelerate application delivery, improve productivity, and enhance quality. We also help organizations capitalize on emerging techniques, such as cloud-based environments and automated testing, to further reduce development costs.

Mackson’s key strength is our ability to create flexible user interfaces that bring together critical functionality, business logic, and information in a captivating, intuitive, and powerful way. By integrating seamlessly at the process, application, and data level, our solutions work to empower users with access to insight and information when and where they need it.

We have developed solutions and frameworks for a number of common, mission-focused requirements, including:
  • Inspections – Standardized, template-driven processes for capturing, evaluating, and reporting information.
  • Healthcare – By leveraging our Mobile platform solution, we can develop apps for clinicians, caregivers, and patients to securely access to a variety of clinical data sources.
  • Performance Dashboards – Configurable scorecards for assessing real-time operational metrics.
  • Asset Management – Identification, authentication, and tracking of physical assets across remote environments.
  • Case Management – Giving case workers direct access to documents and processes on location.
  • Collaboration – On-demand access to productivity tools and enterprise information for executing core business tasks.
  • Transaction Processing – Bringing secure e-commerce capabilities to remote locations.